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with animation and motion graphics

Wow, what an amazing job across the board - these all look terrific and are beyond expectation in such a short period of time!
Creative Media Manager
Brilliant! Thank you so much. I love it.
Marketing Director
I really like it, thank you :) I can't see anything that needs changing.
Sustainability Manager
High stress situations are not fun for anyone but you definitely made it easier; and in the end we were able to deliver something that everyone is describing as the best event our company has ever had.
Senior Creative Director
Thank you. The event was a big success, and the slide deck was very well received.
Marketing Director
Great job on the CMD highlights video, thanks for the support.
Corporate Development Manager
These are looking great, thanks for all of your efforts in getting them to this stage.
Corporate Development Manager
Thank you very much. You have worked really hard on these and done a great job.
Consumer Press and PR Officer
Just a personal thank you for all the work you have put into our videos for Interpack. I know these things are always trying especially when we are so last minute and have constant changes. Many thanks.
Group Marketing Manager
This video looks amazing.
Senior Marketing Programs Manager
GREAT job here! Thanks for making yourself available over the weekend and sending it even earlier for an additional round. You're awesome!
Creative Director
Great work, many thanks for your support. Now we have a great deck together. Looking forward to work in the future again with you.
Sales Director
Looks really good. Thanks for your hard work.
Investor Relations Manager
I just wanted to tell you that the last PPT you helped us with was a very big success and the Swiss team has been using the PPT for other presentation events as well. So, thank you again.
Marketing Director
I just want to send a big thank you to you for all the work you have done on our Group template. It looks great, and the additional user guides you have put together are so helpful.
Group Marketing Manager
Just wanted to say thank you again for all the work on the Portal video. It was a hit at our offsite last week, and we’ve already gotten a few other requests regarding it.
Marketing Communications Coordinator
This is just to thank you very much for all your very hard work, diligence and support under often very trying circumstances. We have had overwhelmingly positive reactions from across the business.
Group Marketing Manager
This looks really really great thank you. A great job - I am delighted thank you again and really appreciate your efforts here.
Managing Director
Great job on the video. Very well‑received by all yesterday here at the conference.
Senior Marketing Programs Manager
These look great! Thank you for all your help!
Correspondence Systems Coordinator
Thank you for your assistance in compiling our supporting slide deck for the Board paper. You helped enormously.
Executive Vice President
Thank you for your efforts, I genuinely value your time, energy and professionalism.
Executive Vice President
Thank you very much from me as well! Your hard work is very much appreciated, as always. Many thanks.
Digital Marketing Manager
Many thanks for completing the presentation this week. It has been a pleasure working with you and we will be in touch soon.
Marketing Communications Director
I just want to say a huge big thank you again for your hard work on our Capital Markets day. You really did go above and beyond what we could ever have expected from you to help us make the event a success.
Events and Communications Manager
I just wanted to say thanks a lot for your help in the run‑up to the event. So sorry I had to disturb your Sunday! Thanks for being available and thank you all for your help and patience.
Brand Manager
OMG – you are a genius – they look a million times better!!
Director, Brand and Communications
Many thanks for all your support and valuable input since the beginning, it was very useful for me to ‘finalise/formalise’ my ideas on this complicated subject with you.
Director of Strategy and Development
Truly great work here!! I recognize how much effort you put into this, it really shows!
SVP Global Channels and Solutions
I am really pleased with the end result, thanks again for your efforts.
General Manager

Video to share your stories on social media and at live events


Bring your stories to life with animated videos for your website, your social media channels and to screen at live events.

We design and produce explainer videos, brand videos, banner videos and more, using motion graphics to explain concepts, illustrate features and express personality. And use sound design to amplify key messages and trigger emotion.


We produce company and event videos from client provided content or licensed content from video and photo libraries.

We can also edit and update existing videos, and caption videos for audiences in other countries.

PowerPoint to present your stories to remote and face‑to‑face audiences


Whether your presentation is for internal or external communications, we have many years of experience in producing creative and effective presentations to engage, explain and persuade your audience.

As a small studio, we respond quickly to urgent requests for help. Whether you require additional slides, an infographic, or a quick presentation facelift, we’re always ready to help and love a challenge.


With over 25 years of PowerPoint experience, we can help your teams produce their own presentations, with the help of PowerPoint templates and Add‑ins.

Our approach to developing effective PowerPoint templates is to focus on automation, to help users produce brand compliant presentations as quickly and simply as possible.

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