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After Effects preview icons are saved in macOS extended file attributes, so project files can be renamed, copied, moved and shared. Other Mac users will see the After Effects preview icons and Windows users will see the original Adobe icon.

Preview icons don’t require an additional viewer application, don’t add files to your project folders and don’t change the After Effects project files (only the macOS extended file attributes).

AEicons Lite is a free, lite version of AEicons with limited features, but not time limited. AEicons Lite can add preview icons to open projects, but cannot add preview icons to existing files, without opening and saving new project files. Other limitations are listed in the feature comparison table below.

AEicons Lite is useful for freelancers working on a client’s computer, installing with AEicons to support After Effects (Beta) and for evaluating AEicons before purchase.

Download AEicons Lite

Please read the AEicons Lite: End User License Agreement before downloading or using AEicons Lite.

Feature comparison

AEicons AEicons Lite
AEicons.jsx After Effects script
Headless script (No user interface)
Run from After Effects, File, Scripts menu
Support for .aep, .aet & .aepx project files
Customise preview icons (via ae.icon comp)
Support for script launchers (e.g. KBar)
Logging (aeicons.log & aeicons-lite.log)
AEicons.workflow for Finder Services menu
After Effects Render Engine automation
Batch processing of multiple files
Maintain file modified dates (file history)
Support for Motion Graphics Template (.mogrt) files
Create preview icons from .jpg & .png files of the same name
Add preview icons without opening files
Project info Finder comments (e.g. “1920x1080, 0:00:10:00, 30fps”)
Delete preview icons (Restore default Adobe icon)
Check for updates
User settings (e.g. Disable prompt before saving files)
Advanced settings (e.g. Maximum render time)
and more…
$25 Free

AEicons Lite does not require a license key and does not include the AEicons.workflow script (Finder Service) which provides many of the features listed above. With these limitations in mind, please see the AEicons Getting started and User guide.

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