Who is e-Media

e-Media is a digital media studio, producing animations, videos and presentations for B2B companies and their creative agencies. We’re a UK company, located in Walton‑on‑Thames, Surrey.

We have been supporting clients in the UK, Europe and the United States for more than 25 years. As many are global technology businesses, we’re very familiar with the IT industry, the brands, the products and the services offered.

We’re not an agency with account managers and freelancers. With few exceptions, everything is produced in‑house, so you engage directly with the person producing your video or presentation.

Our story

Founded by Julian Higson in 1990, the same year PowerPoint first became part of Microsoft Office for Windows.

Anyone with PowerPoint and a desktop PC could create their own presentations, but most couldn’t produce the 35mm slides needed to deliver their presentations, without expensive digital cameras and photographic film processing equipment. As a Microsoft authorised imaging bureaux, e‑Media provided the service to convert PowerPoint files into 35mm slides and provide design services to companies and their agencies.

Today we share our PowerPoint expertise with clients, in both the design and production of presentations and the development of PowerPoint templates and Add‑ins.

Our focus on the technology sector helps us to understand the language (terminology) and the business issues from vender, channel and customer perspectives. And as more and more businesses undergo digital transformation, our knowledge of the IT industry has become more valuable.

Our journey with animation began in 1997 with the first Windows version of Adobe After Effects. However, it wasn’t until 2012 with the launch of Adobe Creative Cloud that animation became the focus of the business.

Today, we love helping clients develop compelling stories and to bring them to life through animation.

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